HR Executive- Recruitment

Sussex, United States

Common Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in a variety of recruitment activities so that the organisation's the recruitment process is efficient, effective and equitable.

  • Ensure that all open positions are closed as per the pre-decided timelines

  • Prepare internal and external job advertisements, web postings, specifications for external recruitment agencies and other materials in accordance with the organisation's recruitment standards and business needs so that potential job applicants have the information they need to decide whether, and how to, apply for a vacant position.

  • Respond to inquiries from candidates, managers and external recruitment agencies about the organisation's recruitment activities and about the status of job vacancies so that interested parties are kept informed without compromising the organisation's standards of privacy and confidentiality.

  • Contact candidates, arrange interview times and develop appropriate interview questions in collaboration with the hiring manager so that interviews are conducted efficiently and equitably.

  • Interview, test, rank, check references, select candidates and provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates based on the job's pre-established selection criteria and the organisation's recruitment policies.

  • Prepare job offer materials in accordance with the agreed job specifications so that successful candidates have all the information they need to decide whether to accept the position.

  • Represent the organisation at job fairs and other recruitment venues so that potential candidates have an opportunity to learn about the organisation and its recruitment activities.

  • Conduct employee orientation/induction and introductory training so that new employees are quickly integrated into the organisation.


Knowledge / Skills/Attitude

  • Minimum Qualifications: Degree or equivalent

  • Years of Experience: 1 to 2

  • Focused and detail-oriented

  • Timeline oriented

  • Stretch and learnability

  • Process oriented

  • Good communication skills – both written and verbal

  • God interpersonal skills

 Work Timings: 12:30PM to 10:00 PM