Email Drafting For CRM

Rivka’s training of Kamlesh has nothing to do with Kamlesh’s poor work performance. His understanding of basic accrual to cash accounting is lacking; he doesn’t fully grasp corporate tax issues; he doesn’t review his work, so he doesn’t catch any of his boneheaded mistakes; he is not careful with typing (he frequently misspells names, addresses, etc). Basically, he misrepresented his ability to complete basic work tasks. He also misrepresented his knowledge of Drake, our tax software. He doesn’t know it at all. Kamlesh is about as good as a data entry clerk, only data entry clerks do not make the types of unbelievable mistakes that Kamlesh makes. I do not desire to have another discussion of work expectations. It is expected that he knows what he is doing, and he doesn’t. there isn’t anything else to discuss. Kamlesh not only does a very poor job, that I need to clean up after him time and time again, it also takes him between 4-6 times as long to complete jobs as it takes us. what takes me an hour or an hour and a half to complete a job takes him 6 hours. I have no idea what he is doing with all that time, but when I see the accounting work he does I figure that he just doesn’t know how to tie down basic retained earnings. This is not the work of a senior level accountant. You tout the fact that you only hire your employees out at $9 or $11/ hour, but the amount of time it takes him to do the job, I am paying the equivalent of $50/hour for the jobs. It’s outrageous. While I understand that entigrity does not test its employees on their knowledge of the material (though you SHOULD!!!), you should still take responsibility for the negligence in hiring these people. This is an embarrassment not only for Kamlesh, but for Entigrity as well. To date, Kamlesh has not completed a single job correctly from start to finish. This is your idea of a senior accountant? *